This Post Has No Clear Direction (dealwithit)

Hello faithful followers (or random people from around the world who find my blog by searching strange things on yahoo search… i’m trying really hard not to judge you for using yahoo search in the first place).

IT SURE HAS BEEN AWHILE, EH!? My life just hasn’t been interesting enough to write anything for the public world.

Actually, that’s a lie, my life is sometimes like a sitcom.  A really bad sitcom in which you feel really embarrassed for the main character.  Not charismatic and awkward like Jess in New Girl.  Just awkward.  It would probably get canceled halfway through the first season.

Anyways, I’m living in a different zip code these days and have two female roommates who I have no sexual chemistry with and no one sleeps in the living room. And two cats and a dog (well, I guess the dog sometimes sleeps in the living room… so not much has changed).  I’ve started my LAST SEMESTER OF GRAD SCHOOL. I have quit my museum job even though the costumers always made for some great stories.  And I have started applying for REAL JOBS. BIG GIRL JOBS. Jobs that include like benefits, and salary, and paid vacations (hopefully).

This is surreal.  What do real adults even do?  Will I have to give up my sweatpants and mismatched socks?

Thinking about the future is both super exciting and super terrifying.  I will probably not be in Madison in 6 months.  Or maybe even the midwest.  I keep telling my mom I’m moving to Virginia.  I’ve never even been to Virgnia.  What about Washington State?  I could even move to Georgia (although I’m not sure why I’d want to).  The possibilities are endless my friends.  Well, I mean, it totally depends on where I get a job.  Let’s just all keep our fingers simultaneously crossed that I’ll get a job.

I just hope that wherever I end up I make friends as half as amazing and fun as the ones I’ve made in Madison.  (And a lot less snow would also be appreciated..I’m not picky though).

And now for a quick recap of what I’ve been up to:

In October I got to see President Obama speak.  I went with two classmates, Laura and Katelyn, at 8am and finally got to see Mr. President himself speak at around 3pm.  We sat through rain, I almost got trampled while attempting to read my book, and I got to see the first President I ever voted for in person.  He then became the second President I ever voted for just a couple weeks later.


not pictured: President Obama

Santa knew exactly what I wanted for Christmas and got my JOHN GREEN BOX SET WITH Looking for Alaska AND The Fault in our Stars autographed.  I literally hugged it. Best present ever.

john green

AND, I helped to organize the Second Annual Sexy Librarian Pub Crawl!  It was a smashing success, if I do say so myself.  We made a scavenger hunt and terrorized everyone (read: strangers) around us for proof of their library card, sexy librarian shots, or pictures of their cardigans, all while dressed to the nines in order to fulfill the sexy library stereotype.


In addition to the highlights I have also enjoyed countless cups of tea using my new red tea kettle, spent some much needed time with my family over the holiday’s, made a fool of myself on a regular basis, purchased bright orange corduroys, and have gotten some really great new albums.  I’d say life is good.

Don’t forget to be grateful and smile for no reason.

(get at me)

One thought on “This Post Has No Clear Direction (dealwithit)

  1. Life IS good, and I do feel grateful to have been involved in all of the blog-photo worthy Meg happenings in the past forever-and-a-half, if only as a footnote in each. The dog sleeping in the living room joke was kind of mean…ok, I laughed. My fingers are crossed for your imminent success, wherever and whatever you choose, and I hope your socks don’t ever have to match. Smiles. Mark

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